Beauty Begins The Moment You Decide To Be Yourself...

About Me

Brandon Dewyea 


I greatly enjoy working with men, women and teens of all ages and sizes to help them find their own unique, individual style for their personal and professional life. I believe working with an image consultant isn't about revamping everything about the individual. It's about unveiling the best version of oneself. Too often women, men and teens dress for what they feel they “should” be wearing vs. dressing for the body type and personality they have. I believe that we deserve to wear apparel that makes us feel magnificent. Why settle for the "so so" pieces? When we are comfortable and enjoy what we are wearing then this truly shows in our confidence, how we interact with others and how we overall conquer the day! We are all striving for various goals in our lives.

 I personally feel that life is so much more enjoyable when we embrace where we are currently. Why wait to feel more confident and comfortable with our attire until we loose weight, land the the perfect job, relationship and so on? There will always be something we are desiring in life. Yet daily we all dress and take on our day. Life should be enjoyable in all those in-between moments while we are striving for the bigger moments. I invite individuals to explore learning how to dress stress free. To learn what will have them looking and feeling like a knockout and how you can do so much with so little. We live in a time where we have many options at our finger tips which can be a great advantage for many reasons. Yet I feel there is so much to be said for that personal interaction, guidance and support. You can get almost anything on line these days which is great. Yet nothing can replace that personal trusted connection. You may be able to order a fabulous dress or a bold tie in moments yet what about the confidence to actually wear the item? Being able to have a trusted individual who will kindly guide you as you navigate apparel is priceless. 

When you spend time with me you will soon see that it is my genuine wish to encourage you to take risks as you feel comfortable and to listen to your needs. It brings me incredible joy to witness someone feeling empowered and loving themselves. I genuinely enjoy supporting individuals on this journey and feel honored that I am granted access to the vulnerability that often transpires when fostering a trusted relationship.